A Brief Introduction To Real Opal Pearls And Their Carat Weight

Most of the online transactions for buying diamond jewelry go smoothly but it is important that you follow the above-mentioned tips in order to increase the chances of a completely secure and stress-free online diamond jewelry purchase.


Clarity refers to a number of contaminants within the diamond or any blemishes upon its surface. It seeks to decipher the diamond’s purity; for the closer, a diamond is to being perfectly pure the higher its price tag will be. A diamond’s clarity evaluation consists of determining the size, relief, nature, number, and position of its inclusions (internal impurities) and blemishes (external defects) (“4 Cs of diamond quality”, 2017). – Get our new coupons

It’s no secret that the carat weight of a diamond reveals its weight. Diamonds weighing larger than one carat is displayed with whole numbers and decimals. A diamond’s carat weight influences its price in relation to cut, color and clarity, but not by itself. Therefore don’t feel cheated when you find two diamonds of similar carat weight with different prices.

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