DynPI Introduction

What is DynPI?

DynPI is a dynamic plugin interface that works together with Expression Engine. It allows you to create or upload DynPI plugins, which are little code snippets meant to do some sort of (usually) simple job. Plugins you developed yourself can easily be shared without having to upload any files to your Expression Engine installation directories.

Why DynPI?

If you have ever found yourself creating tiny plugins with just a few lines of code to do jobs that EE can’t handle on its own, DynPI is your friend. If you would like to be able to export your newly created (or just edited) plugins for use on some other website, DynPI - again - is your friend. A DynPI plugin just consists of one single file with a .dynpi extension, which can be uploaded through the DynPI module homepage.


  • Comes as a module for EE with full Control Panel interface for easy management
  • Allows you to upload pre-made .dynpi files that will get installed without having to upload the files to your webserver using something like FTP
  • Comes with a small IDE environment which allows you to code your plugins and their methods directly from the Control Panel
  • Create clean solutions for issues that aren’t solvable in EE, or would require a lot of work that isn’t necessary with DynPI
  • Accessible for low level PHP programmers. Most plugins will just contain a few lines of code that process some input data and output some new
  • Automatic access to EE objects ($TMPL, $DB, etcetera) without the need to global them first. Saves you lines of typing the same thing over and over again and cleans up your code
  • Manage your plugins easily. Export them with the click of a button and share them with friends or whoever you’d like to use your plugin
  • Get rid of messy PHP code popping up in your templates; with DynPI, this is history (and as a bonus: you get an easy way of re-using your PHP code snippets)
  • All your code resides in the database, so almost no messing around with files
  • Lightning fast development without hassle


DynPI’s module homepage

DynPI’s edit plugin page

DynPI’s module edit plugin methods page


You can download DynPI by clicking on this link.