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Auschwitz - Why The Gas Chambers Are A Myth [ vid ]


Door yohta om 23:46 op 24-05-2015 in Wetenschap
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Auschwitz - Why The Gas Chambers Are A Myth HD (full)

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Published on Sep 29, 2013

A Detailed Analysis into the Gas Chamber Myth at Auschwitz, Produced and Presented by Denierbud.

Auschwitz—this is the infamous wartime camp in Poland where the Germans are said to have killed at least one million Jews in homicidal gas chambers, misusing the insecticide called “Zyklon B.”

But does that story stand up to scrutiny? This video looks into some of the common claims made by survivors about what happened at Auschwitz. Some of the questions asked in this context are:

? Was it possible to fill the gas chambers with victims as it is claimed?
? Would the Jews, supervised only by other Jews, have cooperated in their own mass slaughter?
? What doors were used to lock in 2,000 Jews struggling for their lives?
? How efficient was the cremation process really?
? How many Auschwitz inmates left the camp alive to tell the world what they had seen?

This video gives the answers to these and to other questions, backed-up by documents and expert testimony. The results are astounding, if not to say: shocking. The discrepancies between survivor claims on the one hand and technical as well as physical reality on the other hand reveal the surprising truth about Auschwitz, which is not what most people think it is.

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