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Door RopiDeHopi om 21:53 op 22-08-2012 in Vrijheid
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Lyrics to People :
Do you ever think about
what a lovely place the world would be
without all the people
that make life so unpleasant?

All the small, petty people
All the ugly, annoying people
It’s hard not to think about it

I like to think about
what could be
done to these people
Something cruel
Something mean
Something just
But the meaner the better
Goodness knows they deserve it

Have you ever dreamed of
killing all the stupid people?
Not just the unintelligent people
but the sort that don’t know anything about anything
but seem to have opinions about everything
They’re only too ready to offer their advice about
how to run your life
And yet look at how they run their own lives
For the most part they’ve accomplished nothing
They’ve contributed nothing
Their lives are miserable
But they talk, talk, talk
At the very least their tongues should be cut out
At the very least

Do you ever wanna
kill all the people who tell lies?
Some certainly deserve it
Not necessarily the big liars
or even those who teach lies as truth
I’m talking about people
who say one thing and do another
or who tell you they sent something express mail
when you know they haven’t

Did you ever want to
kill all the slow people in the world?
The people who are in front of you
when they should be behind you
A crime that the swift should be help back by the slow
And it’s criminal that nothing is going to rectify it

And what about all the really ugly people?
Add them to the list as well
Some people try not to think about life’s ugliness
I’ve thought about it
I’ve thought about it quite a lot
Something should be done to these people
Something to make them suffer
the way they’ve made us suffer

I say, bring back the circus maximus
for starters
Unless these weeds are dealt with
they’ll poison everything
They are poisoning everything
We need a gardener
A brutal gardener
A thorough, thoughtful gardener
An iron gardener

Whatever happened to Vlad the Impaler?
Where’s Genghis Kahn when you need him?
Or Roi d’Ys?
Ayatollah Khomeini
Adolf Hitler
Benito Mussolini
Come back!

PS; Bomen,planten,bloemen,dieren,insecten,water,lucht,etc zijn leuker dan mensen,let wel dit is een lied,maar een mooi lied ...

Mijn laatste stort en ga jullie goed,

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Wat ga je doen, Ropi?
je laatste stort!!

Gaat je goed, en dank je wel.


Bomen,planten,bloemen,dieren,insecten,water,lucht en mensen, all are one of a kind, and ONE!

Vaarwel Ropi, en don’t give up Hopi   heart


* werpt blik op Shiva-altaartje *

whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle  whistle

@Ropi, mag ik toch zo vrij zijn om te vragen: WAAROM ???

another cry out to be free*

Let me tell you about my life,
Let me tell you about my dreams,
Let me tell you about the things that happen
Always real to me

Let me tell you of my hope
Of my need to reach the sky
Let me take you on an awkward journey
Let me tell you why

Let me tell you why

Why should these curses be laid upon me
I won’t be forgiven ‘til I can break free
What did I do to deserve all this guilt
Pay for my sins, for the sale of my soul
Demons are trapped all inside of my head
My hopes are gone reach for heaven from hell

My sins are many, my guilt is too heavy
The pressure of knowing, of hiding what I know
I’m able to see things, things that I don’t want to see
The lives of a thousand souls, weigh heavy down on me

I know they’re crying for help reaching out
The burden of them will take me down as well
The sin of a thousand souls not died in vain
Reincarnate still in me live again

Someone to save me,
Something to save me from myself
To bring salvation
To exorcise this hell

Someone to save me,
Something to save me from myself
To bring salvation
To exorcise this hell

Someone to save me
Something to save me from my hell
A destination
Away from this nightmare

Someone to save me
Something to save me from myself
To bring salvation
To exorcise this hell">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

@ onepeace , ajb

@ Hot Burmees - thanxx*

wink No Problem

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